450 newly trained technicians target the job market

After two years of training at the Haitian Vocational Training Center (CFPH), also known as Canado-Technique, 450 young technicians trained respectively in computer network technology, electromechanics, telecommunications and industrial maintenance mechanics at the Technical Center Haitian Vocational Training Center (CFPH) or Canado-Technique are preparing to enter the labor market. These graduates, who are all from the class of 2016-2018, called Pearl, had received last Thursday, their parchment during a graduation ceremony that took place in the premises of said training center.

“All our graduates and graduates, after their training, can enter the labor market through industries, banks, hotels, stores, etc. In short, graduate girls and boys will be able to work in any business where the equipment and materials they use are used in their respective programs, “said Brother Garry Pierre, Executive Director of Canado-Technique, with the programs training in computer network technology, electromechanics, telecommunications, industrial maintenance mechanics, remote monitoring and welding.

As a sponsor of the Pearl promotion, Jean Lucien Ligondé explained to new graduates that their diploma represents their gift of life. “It’s the moment of choice and action, the moment when you have to plan to build your future,” he told his godchildren during the graduation ceremony. “You are at this crossroads of our people’s history. The Canado-Technical has opened the doors of professional life, an opportunity that you must exploit now, “he continued. Mr. Ligongé announced that within a week, eight of the 450 graduates will join his group CHRAD S.A. and his company J.L. Shoes S.A.

Computer network technicians trained at Canado-Technique are able to perform the work and activities inherent to support and troubleshooting for computer equipment users and computer network management. Those trained in electromechanical engineering can install, maintain and repair automated production equipment and power equipment. Maintenance mechanics are able to repair and install industrial equipment. Telecommunications technicians acquire skills in the installation, maintenance and repair of telecommunications equipment and materials.

Created in 1973, Canado-Technique has trained thousands of technicians. The last promotion called Pearl is his 45th.

Author: Le Nouvelliste