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  • LEVE Construction & Workforce Sector Call of Expression of Interest: Proposition Deadline: before August 18, 2017.

LEVE Construction & Workforce Sector Call of Expression of Interest_FINAL

ACTIVITY 1 : In the Difference Village, Caracol area, there is a lack of jobs resulting in a high rate of unemployment within the Village. At the same time, the firm that had built the prison at Fort Liberté had difficulty finding skilled labor. LEVE acted as an intermediary between the construction firm and the EKAM project, which is responsible for the economic development of the Village. 30 community members were exposed to international construction standards and a range of skills needed to work on construction sites. At the end of the internship, all 30 trainees were hired as permanent employees on the site. Read about our case study.

ACTIVITY 2 : USAID LEVE has supported partnerships between the private sector and two CFPs in the north – École Professionnelle Saint-Esprit (EPSE) and Ecole Professionnelle Fondation Vincent (EPFV). LEVE assisted them in setting up a placement and communication system. Each TVET hired an Investment Officer and set up an information program targeting their community. This allowed the two TVETs to place 165 graduates on construction sites. LEVE incurred the costs of implementing the investment program for one year with the commitment of the TVETs to continue offering the placement service after the end of LEVE’s support. Read about our case study.

ACTIVITY 3 : Peinture Caraibes, seeing the desire to increase the skills of its contractors and the need to increase its sales, contacted LEVE to help him develop a training program with the support of Sherwin-Williams. LEVE and Peinture Caraibes jointly financed a training course for a group of painters in Cap-Haïtien on new painting techniques while respecting environmental principles. Peinture Caraibes followed the evolution of the painters thereafter in order to better appreciate the results of the training.

ACTIVITY 4 : In 2015, based on the results of a CFPH / Canado Technique survey, opportunities for welders in Haiti increased in the mechanical manufacturing sector as well as the construction of steel structures. However, 95% of the positions are occupied by foreigners – Dominicans, Cubans, Jamaicans and Filipinos. Several firms are looking for qualified professionals and are already committed to receiving graduates from Canado. LEVE has supported – financially and technically – Canado in the development and implementation of the welding certification program adapted to the needs of the market. Read about our case study.


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  • LEVE Agribusiness Sector Call of Expression of Interest: Proposition for Agribusiness Sector Deadline: before April 7, 2017.

LEVE Agribusiness RFP Mars-March 2017

  • LEVE Apparel & Textile Sector Call of Expression of Interest: Supply Services to the Export Apparel Sector Deadline: August 7, 2015 at 12:00 p.m.

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