Improving production skills and capacity in the apparel value chain

On February 26, 2019, the USAID Local Entreprise and Value Chain Enhancement (LEVE) Project awarded a partner contribution grant of $38,910.50 to Tisaksuk, a manufacturer and retailer of arts and crafts based in Port-au-Prince.

Launched in 2015, Tisaksuk is a woman-owned business who offers a large variety of hand-made products, from clothing, home décor, to jewelry, accessories, and more. The Tisaksuk brand aims to promote the use of “Made in Haiti” products both locally and abroad. More than 20% of the production is sold abroad to the Haitian diaspora in the US and Canada. Tisaksuk works with local artisans in their workshop located in the Carrefour area, and helps design and create wonderful pieces highlighting Haitian art themes. The products are sold through their store in Tabarre, and via their website A couple of years ago, inspired by the desire to have customers wear and carry Haiti with them always, Tisaksuk launched a new collection titled “Viv Ayiti” that was a mix of old-fashioned Haitian clothing style: the carabella shirt, embellished with hand-painted drawings featuring traditional Haitian street scenes. This collection included garments, such as: women dresses and bottoms, mens’ shirts, as well children outfits; and Home goods: table runners, decorative pillows, apron sets, and placemats.

Thanks to Tisaksuk’s marketing skills, the Viv Ayiti collection was a big success, but the company was quickly faced with the challenge of keeping up with customer demand. They approached LEVE to provide them with technical assistance in order to improve the management of their production, and grant funding to increase their manufacturing capacity while improving quality and productivity.

For the technical assistance, LEVE linked Tisaksuk with the Textile & Apparel Service Center (TASC) managed by ADIH, who provided the company’s staff with much-needed training in garment production and planning, quality control, supervision, supply chain management, and more. Tisaksuk also benefited from business coaching courses provided by LEVE’s expert. Thanks to this training, Tisaksuk is now in a better position to capture the market both locally and internationally.

The LEVE grant will provide Tisaksuk with the sewing equipment that they need to increase their production capacity and to better satisfy their customers.

Tisaksuk relies on a variety of artists whom they subcontract to add the finishing touches to their products. The company provides opportunities for other MSMEs in the value chain such as dry cleaners, raw material suppliers, shipping companies, and more.

LEVE’s investment will allow Tisaksuk to create jobs by hiring an additional 3 full-time staff and 2 outside artists. With support from LEVE, the company expect their sales to increase by 10% in 2019, and 15% in 2020.