“Konsome Lokal”: Discovering homemade products and services

The first edition of Konsome Lokal was held on Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3 at the Sugar Cane Historical Park. More than 80 exhibitors found the opportunity to present their various products to a diverse audience. Food, bags, pottery, jewelry and also music, all with a touch of local or, better, national, confirmed the name chosen for the activity. Everyone was served according to their tastes and preferences.

We were neither at Grand’Anse, in the city of poets, nor at Artibonite in the city of Independence; however, the fresh aroma of “tonm tonm” and “lalo” stuck to our throats like a prisoner in need of air in a dusty room. These national delicacies, and many others, carefully chosen and concocted, enticed the most delicate tastes. The well-applied paint on the bags and clothes, the fine cut stones of the jewels, the warm colors of the scarves, the brilliance of the carefully potted flowers, the artistic arrangement of the candles, mixed with the curiosity of the participants, facilitated the consumption and gave the activity all the national charm it required. There are also many products that could be tasted before you even decided to buy. This was the case of lakay clairin and marmalade juices …

“Konsome Lokal” was not only gastronomy. “Konsome Lokal is everything. These are the clothes, it is the interior decoration, it is the craft industry, it is the local tourism … “, declares Nathalie Angibeau, member organizing the activity. The idea was to invite people to consume everything that is local, all that is Haitian. One could notice the presence of the hotel Mariott, which presented the various utensils usually used in the rooms, all of local production. Or Montcel, present through its vegetables, flowers and eggs, productions that would not be attributed until then to the institution.

Several training workshops were also held during this activity. During the two days, these sessions held sometimes in the hall of the musicians, sometimes in the room Tancrede Augustus, concerned the agriculture, the export, the use of the new technologies, to name only that. Following the announced theme, the rooms were sometimes sparse, sometimes filled.

It was with the charming voice of Misty Jean, followed by the performance of the band K-Zino, that the first edition of “Konsome Lokal came to an end. Misty Jean has kept his audience spellbound, especially with his title “Se or mwen vle”, and K-Zino, offered a very nice performance, if we omit some flaws in the sound system.

Nathalie Angibeau said she was satisfied with the initiative, and said the tradition will continue. Thus, she is already inviting the public to come “Konsome Lokal”, next year.




Author: Ticket Magazine