Konsome Lokal Salon, a successful first edition

Event created to promote local products, the first edition of the Salon Konsome Lokal held at the Canne-Sucre Historical Park on December 2 and 3, 2017, was a success for organizers, exhibitors and visitors. Nearly 90 companies have enhanced the brilliance of this event with their products made in Haiti, very sought after.

It was in a warm atmosphere that the first edition of the Konsome Lokal Salon was held. The kiosks of the companies where the products are displayed served as a backdrop and illuminate the park. Visitors and businesses were in perfect symbiosis. According to the organizers, the total of 2,800 visitors made the trip to see, discover, taste and buy local products. Some expressed their satisfaction and amazement at the diversity of local products.

As for the companies attending this show, this event helped them to create links between them and to share their experiences. Some representatives and business leaders hailed this initiative as commendable. Maryse Jean-Louis of the Délice company was very happy to publicize her products, the Artibonite rice, and to be able to sell them at the Konsome Lokal Salon. “Visitors ask lots of questions and show interest in local products. They want to eat locally and it’s really encouraging for us producers, “she said.

Marketing manager of HUHSA, a Bigio Group company, Djimmy Estinvil took advantage of the event to sell the image of his company and present it to visitors who visit his booth to see and taste. “We manufacture and market brands of soaps and detergents, including Clean Boy, Banda, Gourmet, Kim, Eco, Puritex, etc. We also make cheese and butter, “said Estinvil, noting that wholesalers and small retailers are the clientele of Haitian Oil Company S.A. in Haiti. “Our soaps are also of good quality as those from abroad,” he added to explain the company’s ability to withstand competition from imported products.

Carribean Food Manufacturing, whose booth is installed next to the HUHSA booth, also made great impressions. This company impressed many with its eight brands of cornflakes, including Anita, Madame Gougousse, Haiti Cherie, Grace, Healthy Crunch, Best Vallue, etc. “We produce cornflake brands for about 7 countries: Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia Panama, Puerto Rico, Belize and USA (Miami). We have some brands that are exported to two different countries, “said one of Carribean Food Manufaturing, stating that the company is participating in the show in order to promote its products and not to sell them.

This is also the case for Distillerie la Rue, which participated in the show only to display its products, including the liquor “Clairin Nazon”. “We took advantage of the show to bottle our products. Before the event, we sell our products in gallons, “said Hermann Muller, general supervisor, Distillerie la Rue, a company that has its main address in Cap-Haitien. Founded in 1962 by Raymond Eugène Nazon, Distillerie la Rue also produces agricultural rum and is one of the companies that sponsored the event.

“70% of the people who tasted our products end up buying them,” argued Abner September of the Vallue Peasants Association. During this event, Mr. September took the time to visit the other kiosks to find other markets. He also took the opportunity to invite people to visit the 8th edition of the Mountain Fair in Vallue from 14 to 17 December 2017.

For the promoter of the Route du Café project, Rudolf Dérose, his participation at the show is a fruitful experience. He congratulated the organizers before presenting the Route du Café project. “We are campaigning to promote the consumption of local products. Route du Café is an agro-tourism activity that includes a coffee tour, a recently opened coffee museum and a sustainable reforestation program, “said Mr. Derose. Route du Café has its address in Fond-Jean-Noel in the South-East.

Official sponsor of the event, the Sogebank Group was also present during the two days of the show. “We provided financial and logistical support. This reflects our commitment and willingness to support domestic production and encourage local consumption to create more jobs, “said Sogebank marketing manager Johanne Nicolas, adding that the Sogebank Group is keen to positive evolution of the economic environment.

Some visitors interviewed in the park say they appreciate the show and wish that there will be other editions. Nathalie Angibeau, co-founder of the Konsome Lokal digital platform, has already confirmed that there will be other editions of the Konsome Lokal Salon. “Our goal is to promote local production. We started with an electronic platform that served as a showcase for local products. Then we made the decision to open the Lakou Lakay shop in the hotel Loraine in Pétion-Ville to make it easier for people to find the products. Finally, for now, there is this show for the preparation of which we took six months to encourage and encourage people to buy local products, “said Nathalie Angibeau, revealing that this show was preceded by several other activities.

To close the Salon Konsome Lokal, the organizers had chosen to spoil the music lovers by staging the artist Misty Jean and Kazino group who have gratified the public of a beautiful performance.

Author: Le Nouvelliste