LEAD and KONBIT Power Breakfast, an entrepreneurial ecosystem to create opportunities

Gilles Sassine from USAID KONBIT.

Around a business luncheon, Leveraging Effective Application of Direct Investments (LEAD) and Konbit for Strategic Competitiveness (KCS) gathered on Wednesday a large number of Haitian entrepreneurs and service providers, to the hotel Karibe. An opportunity for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to network and create opportunities.

This business meeting was sold out. The top of the economy was present at this activity generating opportunities, sharing and exchanges of training and information on the benefits of networking. This was an opportunity for Gilles Sassine of the Development Innovation Network at Konbit to present the Konbit platform and define its mission and purpose. It was also an opportunity for Robert Paret Jr., CEO of the group (ProFin), to promote this investment promotion company, which holds the innovative slogan “Making finance otherwise”.

“Konbit for Strategic Competitiveness” (KCS) was created to help Haitian companies better respond to local tenders. This program is funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by Papyrus, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Haiti.

Invited to co-organize this business day, KCS, in its mission, provides access to documents, templates and guidelines to provide viable information for the local implementation of a sustainable idea or project. Haiti. The network also aims to increase the number of local partners who influence and achieve significant and sustainable development results in Haiti, who are accountable to their donors, and who are able to compete and manage resources effectively. According to Gilles Sassine, anyone can access funding, technical assistance, partnership and access to information for free.

In fact, according to Gilles Sassines, Konbit’s results are based on four main pillars: capacity building; the innovative network for development; monitoring, evaluation, learning; the establishment of a grant program. Finally, to obtain the maximum information, the KCS platform also created a microsite “konbit.ht”.

Created in April 2013, ProFin is the only financial institution in the Haitian market to be licensed to operate as an investment promotion company, said Robert Paret Jr. This institution works under the supervision of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH). By virtue of its statute, it provides assistance in all transactions involving the mobilization of significant financial resources, particularly the search for bank financing, debt restructuring, the search for private or institutional institutions, public issues (equities or bonds) and the sale, merger and acquisition of businesses. Robert Paret Jr. concluded his speech on several projects of change in which many business people would be delighted to invest to make their gains grow.

“For success, this is one of them,” proudly declared the lead project manager and PADF Haiti resident representative, Nadia Cherrouk, very pleased with this enriching and informative activity for Haitian entrepreneurs.

“We are very proud of the connections that have been made throughout this event. We can see the tremendous wealth and opportunities that the Haitian private sector can bring to the Haitian economy, and everyone can benefit from or enjoy information to run their economic activities or make their gains grow. Unfortunately, the LEAD program will end in December 2017, but it is strongly hoped that this activity will continue in another format, “concluded Nadia Cherrouk.

Author: Le Nouvelliste