The second edition of the month “consume locally” is launched

The local consumer initiative launched this Thursday, May 3, 2018, at the Montana Hotel, the second edition of the month “consume local. This activity aims, among other things, to promote national production but also to encourage Haitians to value and consume the food produced in the country. On the sidelines of this launch, a collaboration agreement was signed between the local consumer initiative, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (CCIH) and the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH).

Once is not custom. The designers of the initiative called consuming local want to include this dynamic in a logic of continuous promotion. That’s why they used other institutions to have more impact in this momentum. From now on, it is no longer an individual initiative or a small group. In addition to production companies and independent producers, promotional institutions come on board. And several large-scale activities, in collaboration with institutions of the place, will be held during this month.

The initiative is designed to support producers and encourage Haitians to consume and value what is produced in the country. During this second edition of the month “consume locally”, several products, according to the executive secretary of the initiative, Nathalie Angibeau, will be highlighted with an emphasis on sorghum and clairin. Thus, in collaboration with the National Brewery, the SMASH and Toto restaurant, a week will be devoted to sorghum.\

The week of the pitimi, according to the person in charge, is held with the aim of allowing the general public to discover the benefits of the sorghum and its various uses. It is held between May 14 and May 20 in various places in the metropolitan area.

It is also planned the evening clairin in collaboration with Clairin lakay and Café 36. During this event, officials want to show Haitians that the clairin can be served in various ways. By highlighting this product, the designers will suddenly promote sugar cane growing in the country. This suggests that the entire production chain will be promoted through this activity. The initiators will take the opportunity to launch the evening of May 11th from head to toe. This is, according to Ms. Angibeau, a fashion show that will be performed by nine designers to show that we can dress 100% local.

The promotion will be at all levels. Béatrice Ilias, the executive secretary of the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH) argues that agreements are already found with supermarkets in the metropolitan area to place local products in strategic locations throughout the month of May. The great innovation is that for this second edition, consuming local will not concern only Port-au-Prince and its surroundings. It may have activities at the Côte des Acadins and the closing cocktail of this activity will take place on May 30th in Cap Haitien.

In addition, a collaboration agreement was signed between Consommer local, ADIH and CCIH to better promote Haitian products through a better valorization of domestic producers in order to encourage local production to better impact Haitian economy. The agreement, according to Kim Sassine, executive secretary of the CCIH, commits the three institutions to combine their efforts to help producing companies to create more opportunities for positioning both in the local market and in the market international.

Author: Le Nouvelliste