Skills Fair: Canado-Technique promotes innovation and competitiveness

The Haitian Vocational Training Center, commonly known as Canado-Technique, held the third edition of the “Salon des compétences” on Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, 2018 at Canado College and Canado-Technique. Organized this year around the theme “On the road to innovation and competitiveness”, this activity aims to promote the skills of Haitian society.

The Skills Fair brought together for two days a diversity of skills. Students from the various technical and vocational training centers in the country showcased their know-how. Visitors had a difficult time choosing between attending conferences, workshops and admiring the works of art exhibited at this event. Technical and vocational schools have produced impressive demonstrations.

The Canado-Technique students presented a PLC machine to the electromechanical room of Canado Technique. This machine symbolizes devices used throughout the brewing industries. She is able to wash a can, then wash it before a suction cup sucks it into another level of the machine to crush the can. The residues of the can can be recycled.

In addition, the students showed the public a combination of engines running on the system “Automatic transfer switch (ATS)”. These motors are set and connected together using a timed relay and can be started remotely via a phone call. For such a type of startup, a phone is directly connected to the relay. All it takes is a call for the phone’s vibration to activate the relay and start the motors gradually. To switch them off, call the number of the telephone connected to the relay.

Visitors took the opportunity to question young students and discover their potential. Did you mount this device? If it’s so easy, why does not Haiti benefit from advanced technologies to develop? The participants were amazed and did not miss this glowing speech.

Also exhibiting at the Skills Fair, the technical and vocational training center, Haiti Tec, revealed innovations that it operates in the technology sector. Thus, its representatives presented a method of “Management and monitoring of the green space” developed by said center. They developed the model of a large garden with an electronic pumping system.

Using a remote control, the system, powered by photovoltaic panels, is activated and sprinkles the garden. In addition, imaginary lines detect the intrusion of an animal into the garden. once the animal enters, a signal is given and cameras show the positioning of the animal.

To answer the many questions, Fritz Dominique, engineer and energy manager in Haiti Tec, informed the public that this program protects the environment against greenhouse gases because it uses only solar energy . It also allows for better management of maintenance costs.

The National Institute of Vocational Training, in conjunction with Swiss cooperation, took advantage of the show to encourage people to build their homes according to seismic and paracyclonic standards. In this sense, they exposed the models of two buildings built in masonry chained.

Apart from technical and vocational training centers, other institutions, such as Access Haiti, Hainet, and Nu Tv have exhibited at the Salon des compétences the services they offer.

Author: Caleb Lefèvre