Supporting Job Creation in the Export of Handicrafts

On February 20, 2019, the USAID Local Enterprise and Value Chain Enhancement (LEVE) Project awarded a partner contribution grant of $25,000 to Caribbean Craft S.A., a manufacturer and exporter Haitian arts & crafts located in Port-au-Prince.

Caribbean Craft has been exporting crafts from Haiti for 18 years.  Their product line includes home décor accessories, using locally sourced raw materials such as sisal, repurposed cement paper bags, and recycled metal drums.

Following several years of turmoil, Caribbean Craft sought LEVE’s support in 2018 to develop a new business plan to attract more international buyers.  This approach was designed to capitalize on recent contacts made at the NY NOW trade show in August 2018.  Their presence helped them link up with high-end home goods stores in the United States, such as West Elm, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, and others.  LEVE’s technical assistance also helped Caribbean Crafts to modernize their product line, create new designs, and elaborate a new marketing strategy to assist them in their efforts to penetrate the global market.  To that end, Caribbean Craft requested financial support from LEVE to procure some equipment for their expansion.

Caribbean Craft currently employs close to 100 people, 30% of which are women.  The LEVE grant will help the company procure a new 100 kW generator so that the operation can work a full eight-hour day.  LEVE’s investment will help the company to create 50 additional jobs by the end of 2019, and reach sales of over $1 million within a maximum of two years.  Finally, since Caribbean Craft sources almost all their materials in Haiti, LEVE will also contribute to improve the existing value chain.